Migrating from Styled Components to Emotion

A short and simple guide

I recently migrated a fairly large project from using Styled Components to Emotion. For this guide, I will focus only on the how, and not the why. Styled Components and Emotion are both capable libraries with their own quirks that you can delve into on your own. I do really love their ability to simplify styling of react components.

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August 07, 2021

How To Add JavaScript Bundling To An Existing MVC Project

A Modern Approach to Legacy Web Applications - Chapter 1

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This is Chapter 1 of a series of posts titled "A Modern Approach to Legacy Web Applications".


For the last 10 years of my working career as a software developer I've have (as an overwhelming majority) worked on MVC web applications. I wasn't there for the start of any of them; and . . .

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October 15, 2018

Getting Started With Meteor and React

Now with more ES6

This article is an extension of Getting started with Meteor and React, except that I've modified the code to work with ES6.

There's no extra configuration as the react plugin transpiles ES6 out of the box. However I've had to include one extra file: libs/methods.js which enables Meteor to access my React.Component . . .

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September 28, 2015

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